E-tec Pricing

Evinrude E-TEC Motors:
E25DRIN Blue 15” Tiller Rope
E25DRLIN Blue 20” Tiller Rope
E25DELIN Blue 20” Remote Electric
E25DTEIN Blue 15” Tiller Electric
E25DTELIN Blue 20” Tiller Electric
E25DTLIN Blue 20” Tiller Electric
E25DPLIN Blue 20” Remote Electric
E30DRIN Blue 15” Tiller Rope
E30DRLIN Blue 20” Tiller Rope
E30DELIN Blue 20” Remote Electric
E30DTELIN Blue 20” Tiller Electric
E30DTLIN Blue 20” Tiller Electric
E30DPLIN Blue 20” Remote Electric
E40DRLIN Blue 20” Tiller Rope
E40DSLIN White 20″ Standard Rotation
E50DSLIN White 20” Standard Rotation
E60DSLIN White 20” Standard Rotation
E75DSLIN White 20” Standard Rotation
E90DSLIN White 20” Standard Rotation
E90DPXIN White 25” Standard Rotation
E115DSLIN White 20” Standard Rotation
E115DPXIN White 25″ Standard Rotation
E115DCXIN White 25” Counter Rotation
E115HSLIN Blue 20” Standard Rotation
E115DHXIN White 25” Standard Rotation
E130DSLIN White 20” Standard Rotation
E130DPXIN White 25” Standard Rotation
E130DCXIN White 25” Counter Rotation
E150DSLIN White 20″ Standard Rotation
E150DPXIN White 25” Standard Rotation
E150DCXIN White 25” Counter Rotation
E150HSLIN White 20” H.S. Nosecone
E175DSLIN White 20” Standard Rotation
E175DPXIN White 25″ Standard Rotation
E200DPXIN White 25” Standard Rotation
E200DCXIN White 25″ Counter Rotation
E200DHXIN White 25″ Standard Rotation
E200HSLIN White 20” H.O. STD. Rotation
E225DPXIN White 25” Standard Rotation
E225DCXIN White 25” Counter Rotation
E225HSLIN White 20” H.S. Nosecone
E250DPXIN White 25” Std. Rotation
E250DCXIN White 25” Counter Rotation
E250HSLIN White 20” H.S. Nosecone
E300DPXIN White 25” Std. Rotation
E300DCXIN White 25” Counter Rotation
E300DPZIN White 30” Std. Rotation
E300DCZIN White 30” Counter Rotation
DE300PZIN White 30″ Standard Rotation
DE300CZIN White 30″ Counter Rotation

2 thoughts on “E-tec Pricing

  1. Desirous of purchasing counter rotating pair of Evinrude 300 e-tecs. Please advise price and preferred method of payment. Are props included?
    JT Miles

  2. Good Morning Trevor,

    I will have Terry send you an email. He will be able to provide pricing for you!

    Have a great weekend!

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